About Us

Racks are a awash with bright patterns, embroidered detailing, Arabic slogan tees and stylish kaftans in rich linen.

There’s a grand glass cabinet lined with everything from antique Bedouin belts to fur stoles and fashion-forward clutches featuring panels of Jordanian’s iconic keffiyeh.

Behind it stands a console of jewlery and turbans flanked by Victoriana frames displaying bold statement necklaces and an amazing drawer-inspired counter.

This is Heba’s closet. Not her actual closet, but a chic boutique that Heba Alayyan has styled in that fashion.

Although Heba studied IT and has worked in this industry for over a decade, she delights in her hobby of accessory making and has been selling pieces at bazaars throughout Jordan, UAE and Bahrain since 2005. “When I participated in the markets, I always asked myself, ‘why don’t I open my own shop?’ I have passed through many partnerships with retail outlets to sell my products, but this still did not fulfil my ambitions,” tells Heba.

Heba's Closet is the new apparel and accessories boutique, a woman-owned business currently organized as a Sole Proprietorship located in UAE.

The concept of the boutique refers back to Heba’s selection as a passionate designer in joining together unique, luxurious and authentic fashion designs for women apparel and accessories designed by a variety of worldwide designers to sell them exclusively throughout Heba’s Closet.

You can always contact us via phone or what's app on +971588213088

We love to partner with all designers all over the world. We have started with a small number of designers and now growing each day. Some of our partners are shown below: